The arrival of the digital self: “res digitalis”

The Cartesian mind-body dualism extended to the digital realm. “Cogito, digitalis, ergo sum” The mind-body problem The mind-body problem has been one of the most fascinating problems addressed in philosophy, neurosciences, and psychology. It is about the relationship between mind and body, which elicits some important questions such as: What is it for the mind … Continue reading The arrival of the digital self: “res digitalis”

The emergence of a Human Digital Twin

Human Digital Twin: A psychological perspective. What is a digital twin? In a nutshell, it is a “virtual” representation of a physical object or process, where its state is constantly monitored with data obtained in real time. The applications of digital twins are mainly focused on industrial-type physical devices. A hypothesis follows: Is it possible … Continue reading The emergence of a Human Digital Twin

Distorted self: How the technology is making it easy.

Psychologically, all people experience to a lesser or greater degree a distortion of our personal image, and we all experience cognitive distortions, which are the thoughts that cause us to perceive reality in an inappropriate way. This is not so bad, if it does not exceed certain limits...