The quest to model our cognitive processes: Computational Psychology

Most of discoveries made by the human kind came through combination of insight, intuition and imagination. First we perceive the reality that comes through our senses, and build an internal representation or model of a given aspect of the reality. Then from that original model, we continue creating variations, adding more features, and then we […]

AI technologies in the behavioral and mental health care

The pace of development of new artificial intelligence applications and ideas related to behavioral and mental health care is growing steadily. Every day appear new articles, blogs, papers that announce a new application, use case or development of a diverse and creative AI applications revolutionizing health care. The emergence of the AI technologies in the […]

It is undeniable that with time, the science of psychology is bound to be automated by machine learning

Recent advances in cognitive computing, machine learning, natural language processing, facial gesture analysis can be now be successfully used to detect and analyze our full body expression to detect signals of mental health affections. The possibilities for this type of technologies are endless, and encompass not only mental health but other type of applications for healthcare support. SimSensei […]