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Emotional expression in the digital realm

Emotional survival during pandemic. Fortunately, the COVID pandemic is gradually declining around the world, cases are diminishing, we can go out safely for shopping, travel, spare time at restaurants, bars, and theaters. Now we can leave out our confinement at home and leave behind the “home office”.  It seemed like an “eternity”, on that time […]

How frequent is technology interrupting your life?

Featured photo by cottonbro, from Pexels Looking through the mirror It was another day as usual, while I was in the waiting room for my medical appointment. A parent couple arrived accompanied by his little daughter. They seated and began to use their cell phone while her daughter was jumping, screaming, and running around the […]

The arrival of the digital self: “res digitalis”

The Cartesian mind-body dualism extended to the digital realm. “Cogito, digitalis, ergo sum” The mind-body problem The mind-body problem has been one of the most fascinating problems addressed in philosophy, neurosciences, and psychology. It is about the relationship between mind and body, which elicits some important questions such as: What is it for the mind […]

60% of parents with children aged 14 to 18 reported them being bullied

[ 60%] Cyberbullying is on the rise worldwide. 47.7% of parents with children ages 6-10 reported their children were bullied 56.4% of parents with children ages 11-13 reported their children were bullied 59.9% of parents with children ages 14-18 reported their children were bullied 54.3% of parents with children ages 19 and older reported their […]